Ordinances & Resolutions


2017-8100 Dogs on the Beach
2018-8101 Personal Wireless Services
2018-8102 Hospital PUD Amendment
2018-8103 RD District RVW Standard Text Amendment
2018-8104 Medical Cannabis Dispensing Facility-  LDC Text Amendment 
2018-8105 Ocean Terrace PUD Amendment
2018-8106 Low Volume Outdoor Amplified & Acoustic Sound
2018-8107 Text Amendment for Flood Regulations
2018-8108 Element Hotel
2018-8109 Fire Prevention Code
2018-8110 Tour Operators
2018-8111 Animal Neglect, Abandonment, Confinement, Tethering


2018 Resolutions

1999-2018 South Beach Park Tennis Court Rules
2000-2018 Modification to Community Center and Exhibition Hall Rates
2001-2018 Texting While Driving
2002-2018 Purchase of Solar Energy
2003-2018 Revising Electric Rates for Beaches Energy Services
2004-2018 Adding Position to the Management and Non-Union Pay Plan
2005-2018 All Requirement Project
2006-2018 St. Lucie Project
2007-2018 2018 Mid-year Budget Modification
2008-2018 Sale of Surplus Property
2009-2018 Outdoor Amplified and Acoustic Sound Permit Fee
2010-2018 Maritime Management Plan
2011-2018 Hopson Road Improvements
2012-2018 Managerial Pay Plan
2013-2018 City Manager Emeritus
2014-2018 Managerial Pay Plan
2015-2018 Land Development Code Application Fees
2016-2018 William (Ty) Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award
2017-2018 Year End Budget Modification
2018-2018 Final Levying of Ad Valorem Taxes
2019-2018 Operating Budget Adoption
2020-2018 Water Supply Facilities Work Plan and Policy Amends Authorizing Transmittal
2021-2018 Authorizing Const-Maint Agreement with FDOT and CONB
2022-2018 Establishing Golf Course Fees
2023-2018 Adding Position to Management and Non-Union Pay Plan
2024-2018 Membership in the FL Local Govt. Investment Trust
2025-2018 Sale of Surplus Property Online

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