• The placement of smoke alarms is very important. Sleeping areas need the most protection. One alarm in a short hallway outside the bedroom area and another in the bedroom as recommended is usually adequate. Hallways longer than 30 feet should have one at each end
  • Be sure to keep the smoke alarm away from fireplaces and stoves to avoid false alarms. If you choose to put a smoke alarm in your kitchen, be sure to keep it away from cooking fumes or smoking areas
  • Place smoke alarms at the top of each stairwell. Smoke rises easily through stairwells


  • Proper mounting of a smoke alarm also is important. You can mount many alarms by yourself, but those connected to your household wiring should have their own separate circuit and be installed by a professional electrician
  • If you mount your alarm on the ceiling, be sure to keep it at least 18 inches away from dead air space near walls and corners
  • If you mount it on the wall, place it six to 12 inches below the ceiling and away from corners

Do not Place a Smoke Alarm:

  • Any closer than three feet from an air register that might re-circulate smoke
  • Near doorways or windows where drafts could impair the detector operation
  • On an un-insulated exterior wall or ceiling. Temperature extremes can affect the batteries
  • The Fire Department will check smoke alarms at your request

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