Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Can I park a boat or a trailer in my driveway?
Only boats less than 20 feet can be parked in a driveway.  Hauling trailers, travel trailers, RV campers, commercial vehicles and boat’s over 20 feet must be stored behind the front yard setback. [LDC Section 34-402]

2.   Can I keep my vehicle on my property if it does not have a license tag or if it does not run?
No, all vehicles must have a current tag, good tires and must be operable. Untagged, non operable vehicles can only be stored in an enclosed building. [Chapter 14, Article II, Junked, Abandoned Vehicles]

3.   Do I need a permit to cut down a tree?
Yes!  It is a no charge permit and an inspector needs to verify that the tree is diseased, dead or dying tree. The only trees not needing a permit is a palm or pine tree. [LDC Section 34-424]

4.   Are snipe signs/bandit signs allowed in Jacksonville Beach?
No, they are prohibited in Jacksonville Beach. [LDC Section 34-452]

5. How tall can my grass be before it would be a violation?
Grasses, weeds and other untended growth can not be in excess of 10 inches. [Section 19-2]

6. Can my neighbor store piles of junk, boxes and totes outside?
No, trash, debris, junk such as furniture, appliances, paper, plastics, building materials, glass, cans, or any other material that could be considered a nuisance may not accumulate on property. [Section 19-2]

7. How many people can live in a rental house?
Any number of individuals relating by blood, marriage or legal adoption and no more then 4 unrelated person can live together as a single household unit. [LDC Section 34-41(family)]

8. Can I replace my fence without a permit?
No, a permit is required to replace a fence.  You will also need a copy of your property survey indicating where the fence is going.

9. Can I have a Portable Storage Container (POD) on my property?
A POD is allowed if there is an active building permit.

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