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Zoning Purpose

Zoning divides the City into districts for the purpose of regulating land use and development. Each district has specific requirements regarding allowed and conditional uses, building heights, minimum dimensional setbacks from property lines, lot coverage and minimum lot area.

Zoning Assessment/Consultation Request

As part of this assessment a planner will confirm that a use is permitted, identify any supplemental standards that may apply (e.g. tree removal, parking, landscaping), and provide general guidance on the applicant’s proposed concept. 

After meeting internally each week to review these requests.  Staff will contact you to advise you as to what issues might be necessary for you to address, and if any additional meetings are recommended. This process may take up to three weeks for staff to contact you with comments.

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Development Permit Planning and Zoning Fees and Forms


Tree Protection

Many types of trees within our city are protected and cannot be removed without a permit. It pays to check first. A fine can be assessed for removing a protected tree without a permit.

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