Sold Vehicle

"I am receiving tickets for a car I sold."

When a vehicle is sold in the State of Florida, the license plate(s) remain with the owner and must be removed or canceled at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

To be released from responsibility for the parking citation, you must provide both proof of plate cancellation AND proof of vehicle. Any documentation provided must clearly indicate the date of the sale, transfer, or disposal.

One of the following documents is required for proof of cancellation:

  • A Department of Motor Vehicle registration from the state the vehicle is registered. 
  • A letter (or equivalent) from the Department of Motor Vehicles from the state the vehicle is registered in,   showing the new owner.
  • A letter (or equivalent) on Department of Motor Vehicles letterhead that is signed by a Department of Motor Vehicles official stating that your plates have been cancelled.

For proof of sale or disposal, a copy of the bill of sale AND a copy of any of the following documents is required:

  • Title transfer paperwork.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles printout showing new owner. 
  • Trade-in agreement (if your vehicle was traded to a dealer). 
  • Towing/Salvage company paperwork. 
  • Bank/Finance Company papers showing vehicle was repossessed. 
  • A notarized bill of sale.

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