Board of Adjustment


Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall

You can email members of the Board of Adjustment through the Planning & Development Department by using this link: E-mail.

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The Board of Adjustment hears, reviews, approves, approves with conditions, or denies variances to the terms of the Land Development Code. The Board of Adjustment’s members are appointed by the City Council. Five members and two alternates serve four-year terms. No member of the Board may be employed by the City. Members must be residents of Jacksonville Beach for at least two years and a qualified elector.

Members & Terms

Member                                                   Appointed                                     Term Ends

Owen Curley                                                             07/19/2021                                                   12/31/2023

Daniel Elmaleh, 1st Alternate                                07/19/2021                                                   12/31/2021

Alexi Gonzalez, Vice-Chair                                     12/07/2020                                                   12/31/2024

John Moreland, Chair                                              08/02/2004                                                 12/31/2021

Francis Reddington                                                 03/17/2014                                                   12/31/2021

Jeff Truhlar                                                                03/13/2014                                                    12/31/2023

Vacant, 2nd Alternate                                                                                                                      12/31/2021

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