End of Season Brings Decrease in Lifeguard Staffing Levels

Jacksonville Beach Lifeguards have decreased the lifeguard staffing levels and hours of operations throughout Jacksonville Beach.  Limited tower staffing will continue throughout the year as weather and ocean conditions permit.  Ocean Rescue will also continue truck patrols throughout Jacksonville Beach year-round.

Bathers and beachgoers are reminded to utilize the 9-1-1 system for any water or land emergency occurring on the beach when lifeguards are not present.  These emergencies will continue to receive an Ocean Rescue response throughout the year.

Here are some tips on how to be safe in the water and at the beach even when lifeguards are present.

  • Practice good judgement; swim and surf within your abilities
  • Never swim alone
  • Check in with the lifeguard before going into the water for ocean conditions and hazards
  • Swim, body board, and surf near a lifeguard on-duty
  • Listen to all lifeguard warnings and announcements

Inexperienced swimmers, surfers, and kite boarders are advised to stay out of the water when dangerous ocean conditions are present.  Please remember, when in doubt, don't go out.

Click Here to view our Beach Safety Tips Handout.

For daily beach and ocean condition information, contact the Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station at 904-249-9141.  In case of an emergency, seek a lifeguard immediately or call 9-1-1.

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