Info on FDOT State Road A1A (3rd Street) Drainage Improvement Project

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project will alleviate some of the most flood prone areas of Jacksonville Beach, State Road A1A or 3rd Street.  Improvements will be made to address some of the drainage challenges.  While 3rd Street will see a reduction in flooding, additional improvements will be required to completely resolve the flooding.

Construction will include:

  • Clearing the existing channel of debris & vegetation
  • Replacement of the Kings Road Bridge
  • Placement of sheet-piling along the channel
  • Replacement of channel crossing at 15th Avenue North, 18th Avenue North, Seagate (20th) Avenue and 5th Street near 13th Avenue North

Extended road closures and detours will be necessary throughout construction.  Efforts will be made to minimize the impact to nearby residents and schools.  Special provisions, including the use of non-vibratory methods for sheet-piling, will be required to reduce noise levels near the work zone.

Click here to view project flyer.

For more information visit:  www.JaxBeachDrainage.com

A dedicated hotline has been established for this project:  904-363-8440