Jacksonville Beach Mayor Latham and City Councilor Golding Receive "Home Rule Hero Award"

The City of Jacksonville Beach is pleased to announce that two of its elected officials have received the distinguished Home Rule Hero Award from the Florida League of Cities.  Mayor Charlie Latham has received this award for a fifth consecutive year, while Councilor Sandy Golding has received her first.

The Florida League of Cities presents this honor to individuals, both elected and non-elected, who take time to ensure that legislation going before the state government is informed and motivated by local opinions that promote the health and well-being of local communities. Mayor Latham, a long-time and strong supporter of protecting Home Rule powers, is a shining example of someone who does this well, according to Casey Cook, Senior Legislative Advocate for the Florida League of Cities. He writes, “If we had 100 Charlie Lathams spread out across the state, the League would be an unstoppable force.  Thank you.”

Mayor Latham is proud to represent Jacksonville Beach when advocating for our community. Latham, who terms out in November this year says: “It’s important for me to do a good job representing my friends, neighbors, and all of the citizens and businesses in Jacksonville Beach. The advocacy and lobbying work is crucial and worth-while when ensuring our beautiful beach community remains a great place to live, work and play.”

“Each year, our local government’s ability to make the decisions that are best for our community is threatened by pre-emption legislation. So, it is important for our state legislators to hear from us and understand how their decisions affect our communities. I am honored to receive this recognition and I am committed to continuing to work with our legislators to ensure our Home Rule is protected!” said Councilor Golding.

Mayor Latham and Councilor Golding will be presented with this award at a later date.


For more information about the award and a full list of honorees visit the Florida League of Cities web site by clicking here.

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