Short Term Rental Ordinance in Danger

In September of 2019, the City of Jacksonville Beach passed an ordinance regulating Short Term Rentals. For complete information on this, click here.

Currently, there is potential legislation in Tallahhassee that would overpower "Home Rule" and essentially void the STR ordiance and resolution that is set up to mantaing high quality of life standards for Jax Beach Businesses and Residents.

Thankfully, Governor DeSantis, Senator Bean and Representative Cord Byrd are standing up for local government and fighting to preserve Home Rule.  There is one committee hearing remaining on Monday March 2nd before this Bill goes to the Senate Floor  for final Legislative approval.  We need your help to protect Home Rule and our quality of life.  Please call or email members of the Senate Rules committee and tell them this is a local zoning issue. Commercial activity in neighborhoods is regulated for a good reason: to protect residents and ensure the right infrastructure is there.  Remind the Legislators that they were elected to protect their constituents.  Tell the Legislators to respect the voters, preserve the balance of power between cities and the state.  Tell the Legislators to stay in their own lane, and let us govern our own cities.  Contact information for members of the Senate Rules committee can be found at https://www.flsenate.gov/Committees/Show/RC?pref=full.   You can also thank Governor DeSantis (https://www.flgov.com/email-the-governor/), Senator Bean (bean.aaron@flsenate.gov) and Representative Byrd (cord.byrd@myfloridahouse.gov).

To read a full press release, click here.

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