CPR Instruction and Certification

For Community CPR Instruction

If you are interested in Community CPR Instruction, please contact Captain Steve Sciotto at 247-6239. Community presentations are free of charge, are offered at the Fire Station or your organization's location, and include Hands-Only CPR Procedures.

For Individual or Group CPR Certification

If you are interested in individual or group CPR Certification, there are members of the Jacksonville Beach Fire Department who are certified instructors and provide this service for a fee when they are off duty. Classes are not taught at the Fire Station. Our instructors include:

  • Lieutenant Poline Metcalf
  • Lieutenant R. Dallis Hunter
  • Lieutenant John McDaniel
  • Lieutenant Ryan Sheehan
  • Engineer Bryson Hendricks

You can reach these instructors at 247-6240. If they are not on duty when you call, please leave a message and they will get back to you when they return.