Proper Use & Installation of Child Safety Seats

Rear-Facing Infant or Convertible Seat

Rear Car Seat
  • Up to 1 year old and 20 lbs.
  • Never place a rear-facing infant in front of an air bag.
  • Place seat at 45 degree angle to prevent baby’s head from falling forward.
  • A section of a swimming pool noodle or tightly rolled towel placed under feet area of the seat can create a level surface

Forward-Facing Convertible Seat

Front Car Seat

  • Over 1 year old and between 21-40 lbs.
  • Place harness straps through the top slots.
  • The lower two sets are used for the rear-facing position and don’t have the extra reinforcement necessary

Belt-Positioning Booster Seat

Belt Car Seat

  • Children 4 to 8 years old and up to 4’9”
  • Ensure the shoulder belt does not cross the face or neck, and the lap belt fastens around the hips, below the stomach, and fits snugly

Useful Tips

Always read and follow the vehicle owner's manual and the child safety seat installation instruction manual.

  • Make sure the seat fits your car and fits your child.
  • The safest place is normally in the center of your vehicle but....
  • Always follow the vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Make sure that the child is placed all the way into the child seat.
  • Secure the child using the safety seat harness.
  • Straps should be snug and tight with no twist in them.


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