Adult Softball

Adult Softball


2018 Fall Softball Package. Schedule, Rules, Additional Rules, Divisions & Coaches and Tournament Brackets.


The play-offs and tournament are tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, 10/29/2018.

  • Your team should be prepared to play on any night and in any time slot. If your team cannot, then DO NOT sign up for the tournament. Requests made at the beginning of the season will not be taken into account when scheduling the playoffs / tournament.
  • Any team that WANTS to play in the tournament MUST notify our office by e-mail recreation@jaxbchfl.net by Tuesday, 10/23/2018.
  • If we do not hear from you, your team will not be drawn up in the tournament.
  • A forfeit penalty will not be applied for non-participation in the Tournament if the Recreation Department is aware that the team is not participating prior to the tournament brackets being established. Once the Tournament brackets are established a forfeit penalty will be applied to a team that decides not to play.