Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol

Contact Information

Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol, Inc.
(A Florida Non-Profit Corporation)
P. O. Box 50723
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240-0723
Phone: (904) 613-6081

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is May 1st through October 31st

The Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol works to protect endangered sea turtles by patrolling the beaches and monitoring sea turtle nesting activity.

Florida is the second largest nesting area in the world for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. It is important that we do our best to ensure a safe nesting season for these sea turtles.

Here are some sea turtle tips that will help us do just that:

Anyone who finds a sea turtle washed ashore is asked to

  • Call the Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol, Inc. at 904-613-6081, the Fish & Wildlife Commission at 1-888-404-FWCC (3922), or by cell phone dial *FWC or #FWC.
  • Never try to push a live sea turtle back into the water. If the turtle is alive but way up on the beach, keep the shell wet by putting a wet towel on it or sprinkling water on the shell.
  • Notify the above numbers if you find a live Sea Turtle. A deceased turtle that has been painted with an orange X on the shell has already been documented and is awaiting disposal.  If it is not marked, please report the location to the turtle patrol.

During Nesting Season

  • Avoid unnecessary light, noise and movement on the beach at night.
  • Take chairs, umbrellas, and other gear in from the beach.
  • Remove all litter from the beach, sea turtles can mistake litter for food which causes death.
  • If walking on the beach at night, do not use flashlights.
  • If you find a sea turtle, keep your distance. Never touch or disturb a nesting female, nests or emerging hatchlings. Any of these actions are a violation of federal and state laws. Only those permitted are allowed to touch or move Sea Turtles.
  • Do not shine any lights directly on sea turtle, this will cause her to abandon her nest. Do not use flash photography.
  • Restrict or shield direct beachfront light.
  • Do not light fires on nesting beaches at night.
  • Fill in all holes and ruts in the sand.

Remember, it is illegal to touch, handle or interfere in any way with any sea turtle, nest or hatchling, alive or dead, unless instructed by an FWC-permitted individual.

Enjoy the beach but please leave only your footprints.

*BSTP is the only FWC-permitted turtle patrol in Atlantic, Neptune and Jax Beaches!  Their name is clearly visible on their t-shirts and ATVs.  If you observe anyone touching a turtle or a nest that is NOT identifiable as a BSTP volunteer, please notify the appropriate local law enforcement agency immediately.

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