Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division of the Planning and Development Department is committed to the effective enforcement of the City's codes and ordinances affecting the use and maintenance of private property throughout the City. Our objective is to secure voluntary compliance whenever possible; only resorting to a judicial proceeding when necessary to abate the violation to the minimum standards. With the cooperation of all property owners, businesses, and residents, we can ensure that our quality of life is maintained at a high level and that the actions of a few will not negatively impact the value of our property.

Property Maintenance Inspections

The Code Enforcement Division enforces the City's property maintenance codes throughout the City limits. The codes apply to both developed and undeveloped properties. When a violation is found, a notice is issued to the property owner of record who is allowed a reasonable time, depending on the severity of the violation, to correct the violation. If voluntary compliance is not achieved, the violation may be referred to the Special Magistrate for a hearing, finding of violation, and an order directing the abatement of the nuisance. Failure to correct the violation may result in a fine of up to $250 per day while in violation.

Common Violations

Junked or Inoperable Vehicle - Chapter 14

Inoperable Car
Inoperable Car (2)

Overgrown Vegetation - Chapter 19

Overgrown Vegetation
Overgrown Vegetation (2)

Snipe or Bandit Signs - Chapter 34

Snipe, Bandit Sign
Snipe, Bandit Sign (2)

Accumulation of Trash & Junk - Chapter 19

Trash Accumulating in a Garage
Trash Accumulating Outside

Parking of Heavy Vehicles in Residential Areas - Chapter 34

Heavy Vehicles in Residential Area
Heavy Boat in Residential Area