Office of the Fire Marshal


The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for Emergency Management and Protective Services in Jacksonville Beach. This includes performing Fire and Life Safety inspections, reviewing of building plans and special event permits, investigations, the education of our residents in preventing fires and planning for natural and man-made disasters. It is our belief that it is both safer and more economical to prevent a fire from occurring and to be prepared for a disaster.

Commercial Information

Please see Commercial Occupancy Fire Inspection/Forms for information regarding:

  • Commercial Occupancy Fire Inspections Checklist/Information
  • Checklist for Exhaust System for Commercial Cooking Equipment (Kitchen Hood and Duct)
  • Festival Cooking Tent Checklist
  • Knox Boxes
  • Code of Ordinances
  • Fire Sprinkler Requirements
  • Contractor List- Fire Extinguisher, Sprinkler, Alarm, Hood System Contractors; Smoke Odor Removal, and Fire Code Signage
  • 704 Symbol- NFPA 704 Ratings and ID Numbers for Common Hazardous Materials
  • Crowd Manager Training- For restaurants and nightclubs with an occupancy load of 250 or more. Two courses are available. One is provided by the State of Maryland. Another is provided by Fire Marshal Support Services, LLC.

Multi-Story Residences

Please see Multi-Story Building Safety for information regarding:

  • Safety in a multi-story building
  • Things to know and do
  • What to do if a fire alarm sounds on your floor
  • What to do if there is a fire in your apartment
  • What to do if smoke prevents you from evacuating

Please see Outside Fire Ordinances for information regarding:

  • Grills and similar devices (the second paragraph covers for more than one and two-family dwellings)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fire Marshal's Office receives many questions about fires on the beach, fireworks, etc.

Please see Outside Fire Ordinances for information regarding:

  • Open fires on the beach
  • Land clearing
  • Grills and similar devices (with information for one and two-family dwellings, and more than one and two-family dwellings)
  • Jacksonville Beach Municipal Fire Codes

Please see Fireworks for information regarding:

  • Press Release from the Fire Marshal
  • Safety Tips
  • Links to Fireworks Safety including the State Fire Marshal's Approved Sparkler List

Fire Prevention & Safety Information

Please find the following information regarding Fire Prevention and Life Safety Services:

  • Fire Prevention Tips
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety Training
  • Residential Smoke Detector Inspection and Provisions
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Hands-Only CPR Information

A full list of the Fire Department's Life Safety Services, which are offered free of charge, can be found on the Fire Prevention and Life Safety Services page.