Police Recruitment


Thank you for your interest in the Jacksonville Beach Police Department!

Anyone wanting to become a law enforcement officer in the state of Florida must have graduated from a Florida police academy and passed the state exam. If you do not have experience from out of state/military you would need to attend and graduate from a Florida Police Academy before you can be hired. Academy information is listed on the following pages; contact them directly for information on classes, costs, etc. You are eligible to apply with our department once you are halfway through a Florida police academy with passing grades.

Unless you meet the following exception:

If you have a minimum of one year of experience from another state or military employed as a full-time police officer (not 'military security forces' or 'military vessel boarding teams') you may be eligible for equivalency of training. You will need to have documentation of your employment and your police training to submit to a Criminal Justice Selection Center for their review to determine whether you qualify for equivalency so you can sit for the state exam. More information about Selection Centers and what is required by the State to become a Florida certified Police Officer is available on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website.

You are eligible to apply with our department once it has been determined by a Selection Center that you meet the eligibility for exemption from attending the full academy and you qualify to attend an Equivalency of Training course (you then have your completed/returned CJSTC76 form).

Application Process

Our application process can be completed online, in addition to completing the application online, you will need to submit the required supplemental documents. Download the required Supplemental Documents Packet (PDF). This packet includes complete information on the application process to include minimum requirements and disqualifiers. You may apply online.

Contact Human Resources with any questions or for assistance.