Lee Kirkland Cemetery

2 Penman Road S
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Phone: 904-247-6236

H. Warren Smith Cemetery

1538 N 2nd Avenue
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Phone: 904-247-6236

Cemetery Rates & Fees

  • Single Adult Grave: $3,000
  • Single Cremation Space: $1,000
  • Opening and Closing Fee is $500 on weekdays, $600 on Saturdays (No burials on Sundays or Observed City Holidays)
  • Cremation Niches Wall Space: $1,500
  • Opening and Closing Fee: $325 on weekdays, $400 on Saturdays
  • Mausoleum Crypt: $5,000 each space

Additional Information

No Sunday burials.

Full burials are arranged through the funeral home and the parks department handles cremation burials. 

Information on gravesite availability for purchasing (mapping) is located at 2508 South Beach Parkway or call (904) 247-6236.

Online Burial Search

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