Private Provider Alternative Plan Review & Inspections

Pursuant to Florida Statutes, this program allows the "Fee Owner" the option of using a third party to conduct plan review and inspection duties in lieu of the municipal building department personnel. All third-party agencies MUST be vetted and approved by the City before conducting any inspections.  An approved provider must employ one or more qualified professionals and/or inspectors from the required disciplines, based on the scope of work of the project. 
Floodplain, Planning, Environmental Resources, and Fire inspections MAY NOT be conducted by an engineer, architect, or private provider. City staff from perspective departments will conduct all necessary reviews and inspections related to these permitting functions.

Starting July 1, 2022, the following Private Provider Project protocols shall become effective:

1. Private providers and duly authorized representatives must register with the City of Jacksonville Beach and shall be responsible for keeping their information continuously maintained using the online registration tool.  Alternatively, physical documentation may be mailed or delivered to the Planning and Development Department located on the 1st floor of the City Hall building. 

2. Private providers performing required inspections pursuant to FL Statute Section 553.791 shall provide notice to the local building official of the date and approximate time of any such inspection no later than the prior business day by 4 p.m. local time using the online management tool.

3. Upon completion of required inspections, the private provider shall report the results to the building official using the online management tool within two (2) business days.  Inspection results and/or reports shall be made available for review by the local building official.

4. Upon completion of all required inspections, the private provider shall prepare and upload a certificate of compliance using the online management tool within two (2) business days.  The certificate shall:

  1. List the inspection type(s) and date(s) performed and
  2. Include a written representation, under oath, that the inspections indicated were performed and that to the best of the private provider's knowledge and belief, the building construction inspected complies with the approved plans and applicable codes. The statement shall be substantially in the following form and shall be signed and sealed by the private provider:  

"To the best of my knowledge and belief, the building components and site improvements outlined herein and inspected under my authority have been completed in conformance with the approved plans and the applicable codes."

5. Requests for a certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion shall be submitted using the online management tool along with the applicant's presentation of the 'Certificate of Compliance' and approvals from all other local agencies, state, and/or federal government approvals required by law.

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