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Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park
500 Wonderwood Drive
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
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Phone: 904-249-4700

Kathryn Abbey Hanna ParkLocated on the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the park boasts 1.5 miles of beach, freshwater lakes and wooded campsites. Hanna Park's 60-acre freshwater lake is perfect for fishing, kayaking, paddleboats, and canoes. Lakeside picnic tables and grills are available.  Scenic trails, great for biking and hiking, surround the lake and wind through the lush green forest. The lake area includes a quarter-acre water playground with colorful fountains and playful water-squirting devices. Also, one of the premier surfing spots, the Poles, is located on-site.  Open daily from 8 am to 8 pm, April through October and 8 am to 6 pm, November through March.

Mayport Naval Station
Phone: 904-270-5401

Mayport Naval StationThe base is situated on the St. John's River and the Atlantic Ocean. Mayport is home a busy seaport as well as an air facility.  Naval Station Mayport is also home to the Navy's 4th Fleet.

St. Johns River Ferry
4610 Ocean Street
Atlantic Beach, FL 32250
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Phone: 904-241-9969

St. Johns River FerryThe crossing of the St. Johns River by AIA may be made aboard a car and passenger ferry run by the St. Johns River Ferry Service. Watch sea birds and an occasional group of porpoises as you cross the river. The fare is $6 for automobiles and $1 for pedestrians and bicycles. The Ferry operates every day, including holidays.

The Mayport Lighthouse

The Mayport LighthouseLocated next to the Mayport Naval Station, it served as a welcoming beacon from 1859 to 1929. The lighthouse is currently located on the Navy Base and is not open to the public, but may be viewed from the village of Mayport.

1 - 4 of 4 Listings