How do I apply for a permit?

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Consult the residential or commercial permit checklist, fill out the corresponding permit application, and submit all required information and documentation to the Planning and Development Department, City Hall, 11 North 3rd Street.

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1. Why do I need a building permit?
2. How do I apply for a permit?
3. How long will it take to review my application?
4. What type of work will I not need a permit for?
5. How much will my permit cost and what forms of payment are accepted?
6. When am I allowed to work on my building project?
7. What does the permit fee cover?
8. Can a homeowner pull a permit?
9. Where can I obtain a copy of my current boundary survey?
10. Is an as-built (final) boundary survey required for my building project and what information should be included on the survey?
11. How do I select a contractor?