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Planning & Development

  1. Building & Fire Permit Inspection Scheduling Request

    Inspections for the City of Jacksonville Beach Building Division shall be submitted online only. -Inspectors are conducted between... More…

  2. Historical Permit Information

    To request a list of historical permits for a specific property located in Jacksonville Beach, please submit the following information:

  3. Private Provider Registration

    Online Private Provider Registration. A one-time registration is required. The private provider is responsible for keeping the... More…

  4. Short-Term Vacation Rental Unit Property Compliance Inspection Request
  1. Contractor Registration

    Online Contractor Registration

  2. Inspection History Report Request

    To request an inspection history report/list of completed inspections for a project permitted through Jacksonville Beach, please submit... More…

  3. Report a Code Enforcement Violation

    Report a Potential Zoning or Building Code Violation