Taxi or Vehicle for Hire

If you operate a vehicle for hire business - taxi cab, passenger van, limousine - and you pick-up and drop-off passengers in Jacksonville Beach, your company is required to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt, pursuant to Ordinance No. 2006-7912.

Please complete the application form, Sections 1,2 (#1 to #5), and 3.  Submit your completed application with the required attachments:

  • Valid City of Jacksonville Vehicle for Hire Permit per vehicle (contact for City of Jacksonville (904) 630-0814
  • Current Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection, Duval County, per vehicle
  • Florida Vehicle Registration per vehicle
  • Valid Certificate of Insurance for each vehicles
  • Photo identification
  • Payment to City of Jacksonville Beach - $36.30 (cash or check)

                                               Taxi or Vehicle for Hire Application

                                   *See Ordinance No. 2006-7912 for additional information


For additional information or assistance, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at (904) 247-6250 ext. #11 or e-mail:  cityclerk@jaxbchfl.net.

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