Auxiliary Firefighters

Auxiliary Firefighters are fully certified firefighter/EMT's who work a minimum of 24 hours a month which can be divided into 4 to 24 hour scheduled shifts at either station.

The Fire Marshal is the coordinator for the Auxiliary Program. Auxiliary personnel work alongside career personnel enabling the auxiliary to maintain their certifications and develop their skills in the areas of fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, hazardous materials, and technical rescue. These personnel will also assist career personnel in maintenance of apparatus, facilities, and equipment.






Eligibility Requirements

In order to become and remain an active member of the Auxiliary program, individuals must:

  • Successfully maintain a current State of Florida Minimum Standards Certificate (FF1&2).
  • Successfully maintain a current Florida EMT or Paramedic certification and a current BLS and/or ACLS certification including CPR.
  • Maintain a valid Florida Driver's License.
  • Successfully complete the City Fire Department application process, background check, successfully complete an interview, and meet the Fire Department's driving requirements.
  • Successfully complete the Fire Department's entrance medical exam.
  • Successfully complete the "Tri-County" physical ability test.

Remain active, meeting the required duty hours and training assignments. Review, understand and sign the terms, duties, and responsibilities agreement for the Auxiliary program. For more information about the Auxiliary program, please contact Captain Sciotto at (904) 247-6239 or ssciotto@jaxbchfl.net.

























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