2021 Resident Parking Program Update

For the 2021 Beach Season, the City of Jacksonville Beach is offering an additional way for Jacksonville Beach residents to register for free parking as part of the Resident Parking Program.

Citizens who reside in Jacksonville Beach can now participate in the Resident Parking Program if they have a vehicle registered to a company/business/organization whose address is not in the City. This option will launch as a pilot project in conjunction with the regular Resident Parking Program beginning on March 12, 2021, and lasting throughout this year’s operational period.  

Residents wishing to participate in the program must take the following steps:

  • Contact Paid Parking Supervisor Dan Fox at 904-247-4004 and make an appointment with him at the Police Department located at 101 Penman Road, South; and
  • Provide the vehicle registration and their driver’s license, listing a Jacksonville Beach address.  Note – The address in Jacksonville Beach must be a residential property where they live.  The registration will be required to be registered to a business only.  An electric utility bill listing a residential address that has the registrant’s name may also provide additional documentation.

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