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Your Animal Control Officer (ACO) is here to help people and animals live together harmoniously in the community. By enforcing animal-related laws, the ACO helps educate pet owners, prevents citizens from being unexpectedly bitten or attacked, and safeguards your pets.

The ACO wants you to understand the city's animal control ordinances. Listed below are a few of the violations pet owners are often cited for. For a full review of the animal control ordinances of Jacksonville Beach, read Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5.

Leashes are required for dogs in all public places

The city leash law ordinance was designed with everyone in mind. The leash lkeeps you, your pet, and others in our community safe.

By keeping your pet on a leash, you protect your pet from dangers like traffic and other animals. Other community members will feel safe, not threatened when you pass them on the street with a properly leashed pet.

We love our community pets, but sometimes they become freightened and could act unpredictably. Keeping your pet on leash helps reduce the chance your pet may bite someone and then be deemed "dangerous".

Dogs on the beach

Dogs are permissible on the beach at any hour from October 1 through March 31.  However, dogs are NOT permitted on the beach during the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., 7 days a week, from April 1 through September 30.  Dogs must be leashed AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE BEACH as in all other public places.

We understand our pets are an extension of our families, but they just can't go everywhere. So while the beach is off limits during the day from April 1 through September 30, please enjoy your time together at Paws Park.

Paws Park is a city-sponsored dog park within the City of Jacksonville Beach. Your pet can run with other four legged friends in this safe off-leash fenced environment. Paws Park is a playground for dog owners and their dogs! No sunbathers allowed!

Licensings Requirements

Pet licensing is easy and gives your pet the assurance of a quick return home. If your pet is found, the ACO will attempt to deliver your pet home to you immediately.

With the pet licensing program our ACO is able to quickly retrieve your contact information, even after hours and reunite you and your pet. Your pet licensing must be renewed once each year to ensure contact information is up to date.  Pet licenses can be obtained from Utility Billing in City Hall located at 11 3rd Street, North.  To obtain a license, you must have a state-issued identification card or passport and a current documentation of the pet's rabies vaccination.

Vacationing and leaving your pet home

When you leave home on vacation, contact the ACO to register where your pet will be located while you are away, who will be taking care of your pet, the date you will return, and methods to reach you. We will make every effort to attempt to reach you if your pet gets loose during your trip.

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