Property Liens & Assessments

Property Liens & Assessments

Municipal Property Liens & Assessments

The City Clerk’s office issues liens or assessments owed to the City on any property located within our municipal boundaries. Closing attorneys or banks most often request this information when property is sold or refinanced.

The fee for each lien certificate is $40.00 (certificates are limited to a single real estate parcel). Payment should be made by check or cash and remitted with your request for a lien certificate. Once received, the requests are completed in the order in which they are received. Processing time is 7-10 business days from receipt of request and payment. The completed certificate will be sent via e-mail to your desktop.

To ensure a prompt response, when requesting a lien certificate, please provide the following information with each request or you can utilize the Lien Certificate Request Form.

  • Name of current property owner
  • Property address if applicable (undeveloped property may not have a street address)
  • Real Estate (RE) or Parcel ID number of the property
  • Your email address

The updated (11/24/2015) Lien Certificate Request Form  link is available below for your use.  Please do not write below the City Clerk's Office section. 

Lien Certificate Request Form

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