When is the playground reopening?

Our hope is for the new Sunshine Playground to open in Spring 2022. Although there are many construction/material delays happening locally and nationally, we are still hopeful to open in the spring. You can follow Jacksonville Beach Parks & Recreation on Facebook or continue to visit the Sunshine Playground Updates Page for the most up-to-date information.

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1. Will the redesign of the park affect the Splash Pad?
2. Are you changing the Splash Pad?
3. When will the playground be closed?
4. What is happening with the mermaid archway?
5. Will any of the trees or pavilions outside of the fence be removed to accommodate the larger “footprint” of the new playground?
6. Will there be more shade?
7. Is the new playground ADA inclusive?
8. What are the materials being used for the new playground?
9. What's happening with the original fence posts that were donated?
10. Will the demolition/construction affect other parts of South Beach Park?
11. What is happening with the tile(s) I designed for the Sunshine Playground?
12. What is happening with the brick(s) I purchased for the original Sunshine Playground?
13. When is the playground reopening?