How do I find out how much of the right of way is going to be utilized?

The width of the urban trail will vary along each corridor. Many factors will be taken into consideration when making this determination including: the width of public right-of-way, location of existing walkways, utility location, drainage considerations, etc.

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1. Is the Urban Trails Master Plan available to the public?
2. What is the Urban Trails Project?
3. Did the public have any input on the project?
4. Will motorized vehicles be permitted?
5. Why is the trail being built on my side of the street?
6. Will there be signage?
7. Will these corridors have lighting?
8. Will there be additional landscaping along the corridors?
9. What will happen to my paver driveway?
10. Will I lose additions I have made in the right-of-way adjacent to my home? Including landscaping, fencing, irrigation, parking gravel and/or pavers?
11. What is the rule - when bikes and people are using one path coming from different directions?
12. How do I find out how much of the right of way is going to be utilized?
13. What is the timeline for this project?
14. Has the City considered the impact the urban trail may have on drainage, particularly in areas prone to flooding?
15. Does the calculation of lot coverage for private property include the right-of-way?