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Mayor & City Council

  1. Contact Chet Stokes
  2. Contact Dan Janson
  3. Contact Georgette E. Dumont
  4. Contact Mayor Christine Hoffman
  1. Contact Cory Nichols
  2. Contact Fernando Meza
  3. Contact Mayor & City Council

    Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want the contents of this form (including your e-mail address)... More…

  4. Contact Sandy Golding

Planning & Development

  1. Building & Fire Permit Inspection Scheduling Request

    Inspections for the City of Jacksonville Beach Building Division shall be submitted online only. -Inspectors are conducted between... More…

  2. Historical Permit Information

    To request a list of historical permits for a specific property located in Jacksonville Beach, please submit the following information:

  3. Private Provider Registration

    Online Private Provider Registration. A one-time registration is required. The private provider is responsible for keeping the... More…

  4. Short-Term Vacation Rental Unit Property Compliance Inspection Request
  1. Contractor Registration

    Online Contractor Registration

  2. Inspection History Report Request

    To request an inspection history report/list of completed inspections for a project permitted through Jacksonville Beach, please submit... More…

  3. Report a Code Enforcement Violation

    Report a Potential Zoning or Building Code Violation